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Dr. Thomas John, a world renowned vision correction specialist has performed thousands of LASIK procedures since LASIK became approved in the late 90’s.

Internationally Renowned

Ophthalmologist Dr. Thomas John was recently invited by the Serbian Medical Society and the Military Academy...


Instructor to Eye Surgeons

Dr. Thomas John believes in promoting the very best in ophthalmic practices. Dr. John has spent years...


Industry Leader

Dr. Thomas John has been recognized for his achievements worldwide. Not only does he practice and...



Dr. Thomas John M.D received the awards, honors, and membership in different type of categories...


Dr. Thomas John is a world renowned ophthalmic surgeon. He is one of the world leaders in lamellar corneal surgery with three textbooks that he has edited on lamellar keratoplasty. He has trained other corneal surgeons from the United States and from other parts of the world in DSAEK surgery. He is a Clinical Associate Professor, Loyola University at Chicago, and is in private practice in the suburbs of Chicago, namely, Tinley Park and Oak Lawn, Illinois.


Our Services

Dr. Thomas John, a world renowned vision correction specialist has performed thousands of LASIK procedures since LASIK became approved in the late 90’s.

Dr Thomas John, MD is recognized as one of the top six featured doctors in Chicago magazine.


Cataract Surgery

Cataract is clouding of the natural lens within the eye. When we are younger the lens inside our eyes are clear and allows light rays to enter our eyes.


Cornea Surgery

When a cornea becomes swollen, scarred and warped, light cannot pass through the cornea to reach the retina and then vision becomes decreased or lost depending on the severity of the corneal opacity.


Other Procedures

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Vision Disorders

Nearsighted individuals typically have problems seeing well at a distance and are forced to wear glasses or contact lenses. The nearsighted eye is usually longer than a normal eye, and its cornea may also be steeper.


Comprehensive Opthalmology

Dr. Thomas John offers a wide variety of services to his patients. He is considered a comprehensive ophthalmologist because he focuses on all eye diseases rather than focusing solely on one procedure like LASIK.


Training For Eye Surgeons

Dr. John teaches live surgery course on DSAEK in Chicago. He has trained numerous surgeons from the United States and abroad. He also teaches surgical techniques at international conferences.



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  • Dr John & TJVI has been an amazing transformative experience. Staff is helpful and caring. The exams and surgery was top notch. I m now seeing life much better! I recommend Dr Thomas John to anyone wanting to highly improve their vision quality, which will improve vastly their life !

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  • Friendly approach of Dr. John, in Pre and post operations, was truly supporting. My cataract operation is successful and at present I am blessed with clear vision. The results of the same were ingenious and without any look compromises; I am able to live my life like a free bird.   Mary Johnson

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  • I was recommended by Marge Leroy who is a family member so I made an appointment. DR John recommended a corneal surgery transplant that make my vision better than ever. He also put a express shunt in surgery which lower my eye pressure I have been happy with the out cone of all my procedures, I give Dr. John ***** (5 Stars) rating. I never though I would see again.  William Lunn

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