Are you a candidate?

Are Your A Candidate for Laser Vision Correction in Chicago?

In order to be considered for laser vision correction you must meet a general list of criteria. Vision correction capabilities have come a long way since glasses and contacts but still not everyone meets the requirements. Below is the list of criteria that you should review before you meet with your doctor to discuss vision correction options:

  • I’m nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism.
  • My age is between 18-60 years (If you’re over the age 60, you may be a candidate if you’re free from cataracts. If you have cataracts, cataract surgery may be an option for you. Present day cataract surgery is also a refractive procedure, and it’s usually covered by insurance).
  • My vision has been stable for about  1 to 2 years.
  • I have no eye problems, no recurring inflammation that causes itching. (If you have eye problems, you may still be a candidate once your doctor assists you in clearing up the problem).
  • I have no health issues that may affect my eyes (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes that’s currently affecting your eyes).

The above information is provided by Thomas John Vision Institute, P.C., and is not intended to replace the medical service and advice of Dr. John. Kindly consult your health care provider for advice regarding any special medical/ocular condition.

If you have met the requirements listed above your doctor will perform an in-depth evaluation of your eyes and vision. It is important that the doctor is able to know exactly what the conditions of your eyes are prior to surgery so that the right measures can be taken. The doctor will perform a series of tests to determine if your eyes are in good enough condition to be able undergo a procedure such as LASIK. Listed here are some of the tests that the doctor might use in order to determine your candidacy:

  • The measurement of corneal thickness, including corneal topography
  • Complete review of overall eye health
  • The measurement of your prescription or refractive errors
  • Custom LASIK measurement for higher order aberrations
  • Dry eye test
  • Complete dilation to view the back of the eye, namely, the retina and the optic nerve
  • Glasses or contact lens history review
  • Measurement of pupil size

Once the doctor has complete their evaluation, they will recommend the appropiate procedure for your vision correction. Not everyone will be a candidate for LASIK but there are still other vision correction alternative that can help to improve your eye sight.

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