Comprehensive Opthalmology

Dr. Thomas John offers a wide variety of services to his patients. He is considered a comprehensive ophthalmologist because he focuses on all eye diseases rather than focusing solely on one procedure like LASIK. Being a world-renowned eye surgeon, it is important that Dr. John take all efforts to help improve the vision in as many lives as possible. Not only has Dr. John performed a number of surgeries but he has taught world-wide to help better the vision in other people’s lives.

Dr. John does everything from general eye exams to the most advance eye surgeries. He has decided not to focus on one area of ophthalmology but all of them. A simply eye exam can help determine if a patient already has a disease or if the person has any sort of vision loss. Once determined if a patient has any sort of disease then treatment or other preventative methods can be used to ensure vision is as best it can be.

We perform a variety of screenings and test to determine if you suffer from conditions such as dry eye, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma. It is important to determine condition you suffer from in order to get you on the proper path for treatment.

Dr. John devotes his time and knowledge to help make sure you have the best vision possible. If you are experiencing difficulties seeing, you should call Dr. John’s office at 708-429-2223 or 708-499-3939 to schedule an appointment .