Industry Leader

Dr. Thomas John has been recognized for his achievements worldwide. Not only does he practice and teach ophthalmology, Dr. John looks for ways to improve ophthalmic procedures. Over the years Dr. John has created a number of surgical instruments to help improve surgeries. Below you will find a list of instruments he has invented:

  • John Dexatome DXEK/DSAEK Spatula – AE-2872(ASICO)
  • John DXEK/DSAEK Descemet’s Stripper – AE-2874(ASICO)
  • John Retrocorneal super-microscissors – AE-5762 (ASICO)
  • John Retrocorneal super-microforceps –AE-4962 (ASICO)
  • John DXEK/DSAEK Stromal Scrubber – AE-2878(ASICO)
  • John DXEK inserting forceps – AE-4227 (ASICO)
  • John DXEK/DSAEK Fixation Hook – AE-2182 (ASICO)
  • John DXEK/DSAEK Glider – AE-2879 (ASICO)
  • John DXEK/DSAEK Markers (ASICO)